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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 26, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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first daughter ivanka trump representing the u.s. at the closing ceremony. it wasn't all sports. >> we are 50 miles away from north korea. so affirming the u.s. position andur joint position of maximum pressure. with our south korea partners is very important. >> back home, protecting or kids is taking center stage in washington today. in parkland, florida families repair to send families back to school this week. >> it's scary coming back. we're all together. >> it's a forever pit hole in
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your gut. this is can't be the new normal. fall out over accusations of illegal pay outs to college athletes from the top schools. >> a black panther continues to clean up at the box office. early today starts right now. great being back with you again this morning. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm philip mena. we begin this morning with an interview with the president's representative at the winter olympics. first daughter ivanka trump. his daughter also an official white house senior adviser was dispatched for the closing ceremony. to restore relations with north korea and other delegations. after mike pence was unable to meet with the rogue reneem jegi officials. north korea indicated it is open to talks with the u.s. everyone after the country reacted with a heat the response following the latest round of
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sanctions. ivanka trump speaks on that sdp the gun debate. in this interview with nbc. >> reporter: america's ba ambassador at the games. >> it's been amazing experience to be able to interact with so many athletes and to get to see so many of the games and see the men's curling take home gold for the first time. >> ever seen curling before? >> i had not. i got an education. it was awesome. >> reporter: her visit here in south korea not exclusively ceremonial. delivering a message of unity to a crucial ally. >> we are 50 miles away from north korea. affirming the u.s. position and our joint position of maximum pressure with our south korea partners is important. >> reporter: after kim jong un sister attended the opening ceremony. local media called her north
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korea's ivanka. >> miss trump addressing her father's controversial suggestion some teachers should carry guns. >> you're a mom of three young children. do you believe arming teachers would make children safer? >> to be honest i don't know. obviously there would have to be a high standard for who would be able to bear arms in the school. there's no one solution to creating safety. >> you advise your dad on this? and other topics. >> having a teacher who is armed and cares deeply about her students, or his students. and who is capable and qualified to bear arms. is not a bad idea. but it's an idea that needs to be skused. >> reporter: keeping students safe. what the first daughter insists
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should be our top priority. >> congress is set to return this week as many demonstrate against the circumstances that allow the shooting massacre in florida to have taken place. the movement against assault weapons persisted over the weekend. marchs and rallies taking place coast to coast. florida governor succumbed to pressure going against the nra. the age required to obtain an assault weapon should be increased to 21. scott was among the governors at the white house last night dining with the president. as ghets set to sit down with them. but will public pressure be enough to bring about change? for more. we're joined by edward lawrence in washington. >> that's the great question. the big question. congress failed to act after other big shootings like sandy hook and columbine. this time president trump is pushing the national debate.
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some of suggestions have turned those students avked ffected by latest shooting in activist. hosting governors at the white house for a dinner. and school shootings were on the their minds. >> we have a lot of meetings tomorrow. very important meeltings. we'll talk about parkland and the horrible event that took place last week. i want to thank governor rick scott. please stand up. you're doing a great job. that will be one of the subjects and i think we'll make that first in the list. we have to end our country of what's happening with respect to that subject. >> president trump breaking with the nra calling for mental health screening. greater background checks. banning bump stocks and raising the age of buying assault rifles
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from 18 to 21. a poll shows americans maybe ready for a change. 61% in the poll show that americans would allow or want gun safety laws to be tightened. another poll shows 63% of people say semi-automatic weapons should be banned. congress members say they plan on introducing laws this week. >> all right. thank you. six people injured and hospitalized following an explosion that left a building in flames in the english city of lester. north of london. the blast happened on a crowded street ta leads to the city center. police declared the situation a major incident and stated there was no indication that the emergency was terrorist related. u.s. intelligence officials say russian military spies hacked 300 computers at the winter olympics in pyeongchang. while trying to make it look like north korea was the culprit. two unnamed u.s. officials say the attack was likely in
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retaliation against the committee for banning the russian team from the games due to doping violations at the 2014 games. the spies hacked routers and deployed mall ware at the opening ceremony. the games wrapped up sunday. nearly 3,000 athletes took to the stage one last time for a night filled with light shows and musical performances. team usa came in fourth in the medal count with 23. nine gold. >> communities are reeling this morning after severe storms roored across the central u.s. over the weekend. killing five people. a powerful weather system stretching from texas to eastern canada unleashed thunderstorms, widespread flooding and five tornados. tearing off roofs from homes and leveling others and uprooting trees and demolishing cars in the path. some communities threatened from treacherous floods due to rising water levels and rivers like the ohio and louisville kentucky.
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which hit the highest in 20 years. a rescue operation turned into a recover are mission. after a 6 year-old boy fell ento a creek. crews are urging people to be cautious. >> bill karins with a look at what we're watching with some spots getting a good drenching. >> the south ooets is getting a drenching today. it won't cause the flooding. we need to get rid of the spring like weather pattern with the endless rain. we're drying where we need this. arkansas and missouri. indiana, illinois. southern portions of michigan. throughout the week we'll watch a new storm developing towards the middle of the week with heavy rain through tennessee and kentucky. and ohio valley. that heads to the east coast by the time we get to the friday peer. that could be a nor'easter storm with mountain snow. and a l
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breaking news: g out and seeing sunshine in the ohio valley. after a cloudy rainy stretch. take a look at complete week ahead forecast coming up. fast forward into monday. today marks 25 years since a group of islamic terrorist set off a 1,200 pound bomb in the under ground parking garage at the world trade center. a failed attempt to bring down the twin towers. honoring the six people killed. >> back by popular demand. mcdonalds is offering the sauce for its chicken mcnuggets. the sauce will be available for as long as supplies last. >> kim kardashian yannoyanced they will be competing in an upcoming episode of family feud. oh! there's one.
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marvels black panther dominated the box office. raking in $108 million. adding to the global total of $700 million. the fourth film in history to gross $100 million in the second weekend. >> officials say 110 girls are missing after suspected rebels attack a school in nigeria. hundreds of students fled as rebels disfisaed as soldiers drove into the rural town and attacked the school. authorities believe this is the largest abduction since kidnapped 276 girls neerlly four years ago. 100 girls remain missing from that attack. nigeria president called the kidnappings a national disaster
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and says extra troops and planes have been deployed. to the security clearance controversy. why one of the president's most trusted advisers son-in-law jared kushner still doesn't have his full security clearance. more than a year after president trump took office. and with the new clearance policy set to take place any day, the question is to what extent will the changes impact kushner and his significant policy portfolio. we have more from the white house. >> reporter: rarely heard in public. >> i'm seen your adviser to president donald j trump. >> reporter: his ability to see the nations most guarded secrets is in jeopardy. >> jared has done an out standing job. >> reporter: the most inside of insiders. the 37 year-old kushner, husband of ivanka. doesn't have permanent high level security cloerns. >> there's nothing normal about
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a senior adviser having an interim clearance for more than a year. >> reporter: the "washington post" reports a top justice department official rod rosenstein who over sees the russia investigate called the white house counsel don mcgahn to deliver a warning. his background check hit a serious but unspecified snag. >> this conversation is status update. others said it was a houston we have a problem moment. >> reporter: friday. john kellily put in place new policy. tightening access to secrets for staffers without permanent clearance. president trump was asked if he would waive the rules for his son-in-law. >> i will let general kelly make the decision. and he's going to do what's right for the country. and i have no doubt he'll make the right decision. >> reporter: kushner has been interviewed by the special counsel. and says he had no improper
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contact with russia. a campaign official he attended the june 2016 trump tower meelting with the russian lawyer and others. democrats have raised concern that kushner's vast foreign business interests pose a conflict. >> if general kelly wants to his job he'll make president happy. and allow the clearance. >> aids wouldn't comment on his security clearance. the chief of staff said in a statement that he has full confidence in kushner and his ability to do his work. which includes middle east peace and the u.s. relationship with mexico. the white house has not explained if or how he could carry out the responsibilities without the highest level permanent security clearance. >> thank you. a new scandal rocking college basketball. what the ncaa will do is anyone's guess. you're watching early today.
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for the entire month of february we're celebrating black history. today we shine a spotlight on the power rising summit in atlanta. black women came together for a four day event. organizers say the goal is help black women in influence their political, economic and social power. >> new fall out over accusations of illegal pay out to college
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athletes from some of the nations top basketball programs. allegations come as we're a couple weeks from the start of march madness. >> reporter: the university of arizona lost three times. once to the oregon ducks. again as they lost top recruit shacks son. who tweeted he's hooking at other options and losing head coach sean miller. who sat out. this after reported the fbi caught miller on a wiretap discussing a $100,000 payment to a freshman star. miller denied offering payment saying he's confident he will be vindicated. the athletes family told espn he hasn't discussed any payment to plan. on the heels of a bomb shell report from yahoo sports naming at least 20 division one colleges and a federal corruption investigation that yahoo said included hundreds of
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thousands in cash advances. and inflated travel expenses shown in court documents. the report has the ncaa playing defrs again. just months after the university of louisville bribery scandal. and only two weeks before the march madness tournament. >> this year it will be more difficult to explain away the elephant in the room. and the fact college basketball coaches maybe paying $100,000 for recruits. >> if the allegations are true, they point to systemic failures that must be fixed and fixed now. some say the ncaa is over due for a reckoning. >> we have to drop the idea that these are amateurs. they're not. they're pros in waiting. >> a big money league that pays players only in prestige. still ahead. tigers run in with an unsuspecting duck. this you have to see. you're watching early today.
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the week after a tee shot down the fare way. just waddling along. it hit him in the backside. and the duck just gets clipped and he was just fine. after regaining his composure the bird well, exits stage right. >> tiger vs. duck. >> i like that. tiger would win that all the time. let's get into the forecast for the week. we are watching a storm in the west bringing snow to the mountains. rain through the the monday in the southeast. and that will be exiting. we get to wednesday already a new storm comes up and soaks the southeast. we don't need more rain in arkansas but we'll get it. same in tennessee. this could be a full fledge nor'easter type storm with wind and rain. not a lot of cold air for snow. except the mountains. we'll watch that towards friday. >> just ahead. today's top stories inclouding the nra facing major backlash over the latest school shooting.
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- this is what america's about. - sometimes it's nice to see all the good that's out there. bringing folks out, we have seen it in community after community. in today's top stories the president of the united states says all drug dealers should face the death penalty. according to to mr. trump has telling friends for months singapore mandatory death penalty for drug traffickers is the reason the drug rate is so low. he often jokes about killing drug dealers. he'll say the chinese and philippines don't have a drug problem. they just kill them. >> corporate backlash against the nra is growing. more companies are cutting ties with the national rifle association. following that deadly school shooting in florida. companies now taking a closer look at the investments. cobranding deals and other ties to the gun industry. ahid a public out cry. delta and united the latest to
4:27 am
dump the nra. joining those like enterprise, hertz, met life, best western, and others that have ended any affiliation with the nra. >> filing for bankruptcy after talks with an investor group collapsed. the company had been struggling in the wake of sexual misconduct and assault allegations again the co-owner harvey winestein. the board has no choice. it will be filing bankruptcy in the coming days. >> america's favorite fixer upper couple is hiring. announced on instagram their company magnolia is hosting a job fair in march. the company is looking for a creative mind to join them and the team in texas. the applicants will attend a two day recruitment event in march. to show off their skill in hopes of getting a full-time gig. >> empire and family is growing.
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she's expecting a baby too. >> life can be tough and you want to get away from it all. that's what this girl in arizona tried to do. armed with stuffed animals and suitcase she was determined to make a run for it. flynn stone style. her father was able to talking her waiting a few more years. he said he admired her determination. the video gained 11,000 views. pack up and just hit the road. >> it's cute now. when she's a teenager not so much. all right. we want to take a quick moment to say hello to coach piercesons ap government class in minnesota. the students watch early today in class every morning. and we got this tweet from a student asking how many retweets for a shout out on the show. we threw out 100. didn't take long to get it. a big thank you to that class. the wildcats.
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for watching. very cool. >> great having you join us every day. we thank you for waking uwithp
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ad-lib radar. we're tracking rain headed to the bay area. a live look at radar right now. kari has a look at the full forecast. keep the umbrella handy. good morning and thanks so much for joining us, hope you're coming off a great;rn weekend, laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. as you said, rain. >> yeah. >> some people are like -- but we need it. >> we need it. we cannot be like eh at all because we will have this round today and then a couple more rounds as we head through the week. we are going to have some very much needed rain starting out this morning in the north bay where we've seen those showers pretty much covering all of the north bay. we have had some spotty rain here and there for san ea yet made it to the south bay, but as we get a closer look at
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the north bow


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